High temperature ball valves

Some processes require valves able to be operated and to assure leakage rates within specified limits at high temperatures. In these cases we provide special valve design including extended bonnet (recommended for use at temperatures over 250°C), gaskets and seals and material selection suitable for high temperature service. For application where soft seats would be unsuitable, Tungsten Carbide (WC) or Chromium Carbide (CrC) coated metal ball and seats are used. 

Heating to boiling points, catalytic and hydro-treatments are some of the refining processes necessary to separate crude oil into storable fractions like marketable oils and condensate; most of these processes at high temperature, from 121°C to 1100°C.

We can provide valves engineered to withstand and exceed high temperature applications with specific constructions and duly selected materials also suitable for geothermal applications, where the direct use of steam, hot water, with abrasive and highly corrosive chemicals and minerals could foul, erode, and damage standard equipment, offering unique features that make them an excellent choice for hot water (geothermal brine) and similar services.