We offer T-type strainers, Y-type strainers and temporary conical strainers. The first thing to determine is the flow rate. For higher flow rates most likely a basket strainer is needed because of pressure drop considerations. Strainers are usually sized so that their start up pressure drop is not great.

You need to know just how dirty the process media gets. Y-Strainer screens are smaller in dirt holding capacity than the strainer baskets used in basket strainers. So, in a given application, a basket strainer will go longer between cleanings than a Y-Strainer will.

So, if the application requires infrequent cleaning and the process media is environmentally safe, a Y-Strainer should work. If the opposite is true and the strainer will be cleaned often and the fluid is less than friendly, a basket strainer is the answer. If in doubt, select the basket strainer every time. It may cost a bit more but will stay in service longer between cleanouts, and it will be easier to clean.

And remember, nothing is quite as useless as a strainer without a basket or screen. If the basket breaks or gets lost or damaged, the line is out of service until a new one is located, purchased and installed. Having a spare on hand avoids this downtime problem.