Steam traps

Steam traps are a sort of valve that drains condensate and non-condensed gasses, like air, out of condensation without allowing steam to escape.

Steam as a medium is frequently used everywhere in the industry for heating or mechanical power as a driving force. Steam traps are used to guarantee that steam is not lost in such apps.

When water vaporizes to create a vapor, steam is created. The water molecules must have sufficiently energy to break down connections between the molecules (oxygen links, etc.) to ensure the vaporization method. This power to transform a liquid into a gas is referred to as ' latent warmth. '

Steam heating procedures use latent heat and pass it to one particular item or product. When the work is done, steam condenses and becomes condensed. The steam has given up the latent heat. In other words, condensate can not perform the task of steam. Thus, heating efficiency will suffer, whether in steam piping or heat exchanger, when the condensate isn't deleted as quickly as feasible.

That's where the steam traps are used. We offer all types of Mechanical steam traps, Temperature steam traps, Thermodynamic (TD) steam traps and Venturi Nozzle steam traps