Safety valves

Our safety valves can be found wherever pressure systems for steam, gases and liquids need to be reliably protected. Customers from every area of the process industry benefit from our experience and process expertise.

Chemical industry 

Power generation and supply 


Polymer applications


Process steam systems 

Water supply systems 


We develop both individual solutions and standard safety valves for all of these areas. With innovations, we continuously support plant engineers and operators in their efforts to achieve increased economic efficiency and flexibility. Our solutions for critical materials and operating conditions help to optimise processes and protect people and plants. There are many reasons to choose us for your safety valves: 

  • We use the latest technologies throughout – from construction through production to quality control. 
  • We operate one of the most modern and efficient valve testing stations in the world. 
  • We are leaders in the delivery of heat treatment of critical materials. Standards committees and technical bodies recognize our expertise. 
  • We work with leaders in the safety valve manufacturing which are highly specialized partners of the process industry for decades; almost all the global players in this branch are among our customers. You too can benefit from the extensive range of products in our product program. Please contact us if you are looking for an individual solution that meets your requirements.