Regulation butterfly valves

Butterfly valve is one of the types of valves positive shut-off quarter-turn valve. The regulating butterfly valves are majorly used in utility services such as air, gas, steam, or liquid because of two reasons: this type of butterfly valves is lower in cost and also lighter in weight.

The regulating butterfly valves are available in variety of design depending on the service and the pressure-temperature rating.

These regulation butterfly valves can also be used for vacuum service. Whenever used for cryogenic service, the butterfly valve shall be provided with extended shaft to clear the insulation.

Regulation Butterfly Valve

Regulation Butterfly Valve

Application The throttling butterfly valves are valves to regulation medium flow rate, which can flow by both ways. The throttling butterfly valves aren’t closing valves.Working medium air water non-aggressive liquids gasesMaximum working temperature A working temperature is from - 40 °C up to + 350 °C and depends on the body and gland packing material. Maximum allowable differential overpressure is in accordance with maximum allowable pressure in the valve.Operation..

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