Carbon steel butterfly valves

Carbon steel butterfly valves have excellent mechanical properties, good resistance to stress corrosion and sulfides. The cast steel butterfly valves have high and low temperature strength as well as excellent fatigue strength characteristics. The carbon steel butterfly valves can stand temperatures up to 450ºC. 

Less costly than stainless steel butterfly valves and with a good mechanical strength, carbon steel butterfly valves are used for general applications where there are no special requirements.

There are grades of the steel used to make the the bodies of carbon steel butterfly valves for use in both high and low temperature applications.

Carbon steels butterfly valves have a limited resistance to corrosion that must be taken into account in the design (calculation of thicknesses). Butterfly valves made of this material are typically painted or epoxy coated to withstand their external environment. The type of environment can lead to the selection of particular paintings often expensive or complex to implement.

The carbon steel butterfly valve can be used in multiple service conditions and we offer suitable options for each of them: butterfly valves for high pressure, butterfly valves used with high temperature, low temperature butterfly valves, corrosion resistant butterfly valves, butterfly valves for for mediums with high viscosity, for vacuum.

The cast steel butterfly valves are suitable for different types of fluids: liquids, Liquids with solid particles – Slurry, Gas, High viscosity fluids, general chemicals, Petrochemicals, Nuclear and Naval applications etc.