Silicone hoses and ducting


Silicone hoses and ducting can be produced in many different shapes, and we supply a wide range of industries including Automotive, Mass Transit, and Food & Pharmaceutical. 

We supply silicone hoses from the world’s first and only robotic manufacturing cell for making silicone hoses.  This allows hoses to be produced faster, and with consistent quality.

Different compounds for the silicone hoses and a variety of reinforcing fabrics are available to suit different environments. Polyester fabric reinforced silicone hoses operate up to 180° C, Aramid fabric reinforced up to 220°C and glass cloth reinforced silicone tubing can stand up to 300°C.

Specialist silicones compounds include:

  • Fluoro-silicone lined hoses for oil transfer
  • Food Quality silicone
  • Heat-stabilised silicone (250°C)
  • High temperature silicone (300°C)
  • Fire retardant silicone
  • Low smoke/low toxic silicone for use in Mass Transit applications
  • All compounds are mixed in house, ensuring complete control of materials.

Hoses can be manufactured with printed clip-location lines, timing marks, part numbers.