Marine hoses

It's a case of "out of sight, out of mind" when most people consider their exhaust and fuel hoses. Buried deep in your engine compartment, running under your decking, or winding from an invisible exit pipe to a pump, they're part of a system that keeps your boat running right and safely. For this reason alone, they warrant regular inspection and, when needed, rapid replacement. By checking your marine hoses regularly and you may spot a potential problem before it happens. After all, replacing a hose is a lot cheaper than replacing a boat!

We offer marine use hoses for water, coolants, fuel, oil and suction and discharge applications for connections on marine and stationary engines. We supply the full range of marine use hoses both for commercial and recreational vessel fuel line applications. The marine use hoses are suitable for coolants, marine diesel, gasoline, B100 bio-diesel, gasohol fuels and hot oil applications, seawater etc.