Hydraulic / Thermoplastic hoses

Hydraulic drives make possible lot functions of mobile, heavy-duty machinery which are hydraulically powered. The pressurized oil generated by the hydraulic pump flows through our hydraulic hose lines to the respective hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic hose lines transmit the tremendous forces with absolute reliability. To guarantee just that, we put all its expertise into attaining the highest possible degree of hose safety.

But it is not only the hydraulic lines that have to comply with steadily increasing demands; the connections between the lines and the central hydraulics have to do so as well. The hydraulic hose lines and couplings must not only withstand high pressure; they must also bear up under extreme mechanical loads and aggressive hydraulic oil. Absolutely nothing must be allowed to go wrong at the highly critical point where the hose makes contact with the fittings and should be virtually insusceptible to faults. This is why we follow strict regulations for these rubber-to-metal-bonded hydraulic hose components.

The individual design of the hydraulic systems is fully covered by the different hydraulic hoses we can offer. Some of the hydraulic application hoses types include: Hydraulic hoses, even for hydrostatic travel drive, Twin hoses for hydraulic lift mast control, Hydraulic hose lines for ultra-high pressures up to 420 bar (4SH DN 20-32). We offer also Hydraulic hose lines for power steering lines of agricultural machines, construction and lot of other heavy machinery types.