Food safe hoses

Our hoses for the foodstuffs industry are subject to stringent hygiene regulations and numerous specifications. To ensure that these are fulfilled, expertise, know-how and uncompromising accuracy are required during the development, designing and production of such elastomer "performers".

Modern manufacturing facilities, special production processes, premium raw materials and continuous production controls are the basis for the consistently high quality of our products.

Our beverage hoses are suitable for wine, beer, strong alcoholic beverages as well as fruit juices. They feature a perfectly smooth, plasticizer-free lining that does not leave any odor or taste. Ideal for all common connecting systems, our hoses are resistant to the harsh cleaning processes in the beverage industry.

Hose for Wine and beer 10bar - NAPPA

Hose for Wine and beer 10bar - NAPPA

Hose for Wine and beer 10bar - NAPPA  This is a robust delivery hose for transporting water, wine, beer, juice and soft drinks, excellent choice for brewery and winery applications. It can handle Temperature from -35°C to +95°C. The hose for wine and beer is taste and odour free, easy to clean, smooth lining. The NAPPA hose for wine and beer is ..

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