Welding Blankets and Fire Blankets

Welding Blankets - Fire Blankets

Welding blankets are constructed from high-quality ceramic or fiberglass woven textiles that have been specially treated on one or both sides.

These high-temperature insulation blankets for protection during the welding process are ideal for welding, grinding, spark and spatter protection for both employees and equipment.

We offer welding curtains made of ceramic cloth in both roll and prefabricated blanket form. Welding Blankets can be grommeted and hemmed with high-temperature thread. Our welding blankets can endure temperatures up to 1200°C and cause no skin irritation. There is no asbestos in this product.

Standard Sizes are available starting from 3' x 3' (0.9m x 0.9m) to 10' x 10' (3m x 3m). Customized sizes are also available.

What to Look for When Choosing a Welding Blanket or Cloth:
1.Choose an application.
Welding blanket or textile uses in general.

- Mild duty: general-purpose welding, minor spatter, and light sparks Horizontal application is not advised.

- Medium Duty: Heavy welding, sparks, spatter, and light slag are all examples of medium duty welding.

- Heavy duty: molten metal, splatter, slag, and heavy sparks.

-Stress relief: Use soft fabrics that are indicated for stress release. Coated materials are often not advised for stress reduction applications.
2. Determine the size of the protected area.

We offer welding cloth in both roll and prefabricated blanket form. Consider the size of the area to be protected and the best shape to use.

3. Choose a completed blanket or cloth.

-The abrasion resistance of stiff material coated substance is higher. Spatter and slag will readily slide off if the surface is stiffer.

- Soft material. The material is malleable when it is not coated. It's simple to drape this cloth over and wrap around items. It's most commonly used for stress alleviation.

-Material weight and thickness The heavier and thicker the material, the better the protection and the longer it takes to burn through.