Sound Insulation Panels

We offer soundproofing mats that are both sound-absorbing and sound-fading

Acoustic insulation prevents the sound propagation of airborne or structure-borne noise into adjacent rooms; it is given as a weighted sound reduction index Rw in dB. With our sound panel insulation, the sound is deflected by reflections in other directions and thus reduces the sound intensity in the propagation direction.

Sound attenuation refers to the reduction of the propagation of airborne sound through absorption. Sound absorption or sound absorption converts part of the sound vibrations into heat and thus "loses."

The sound absorption coefficient α describes the absorptivity of a material, and gives the ratio of the sound energy absorbed by the soundproofing panels to the impact sound energy Sound absorption or sound absorption is a feature of room acoustics.

The soundproof mats listed below work in two ways, they block and swallow the sound.