Friction Linings

Key features of friction materials are hard wearing and anti-friction properties. Usually they are used in different types of industrial clutch systems, industrial drum and band brakes and diverse industrial machinery brake systems.

Thanks to the application of special of a multilayer strand, we offer materials with very high strength and durability, which enables excellent antifriction properties even in very difficult conditions of work.

Friction Brake lining bands are produced from special yarns made of organic and inorganic fibers, reinforced with a brass or copper wire and then it is soaked with a special impregnant. The use of high grade yarns such as Kevlar / Aramide together with graphite and other advanced resins ensure consistently high performance and durability.  

All friction materials are non-asbestos and available with or without a metallic inclusion. Friction Products we deliver are offered in friction rolls, cut pieces, radiused friction linings, flat friction sheets, rings, segments and cone friction linings.