Metal jacketed gaskets

Metal Jacketed Gaskets Metal jacketed gaskets generally consist of a metal cover with a soft material insert. Metal Jacketed Gaskets have of a metallic outer shell with softer compressible filler materials. They have a soft filler inside a metallic jacket.

Metal-jacketed gaskets are made in many styles to suit the most demanding applications.In dependence on the metal cover metal jacketed gaskets are applicable in the area up to 700°C.

The metal sheet coating should be as soft and flexible as possible, but to prevent corrosion it is often made from a stainless steel jacket.

Because of their sealing capacity, given by exerting strong pressure on the flanges' circular rims, metal jacket gaskets can stand up to 30 percent deviation from their initial thickness, which is very useful for irregular or damaged flange rims. It is worth considering the chemical compatibility of the metal and the sealed medium.

Due to operating conditions and the consistency of the flange surface the insert has to be picked up carefully. It may be plain or corrugated jacket. Partition bars may be built-in or welded into the metal jacketed gasket. A gasket with welded bars has an advantage at seal quality. For a single piece of construction the minimum edge radius is 8 mm while there is no cap for a gasket with welded bars.

The metal jacketed gaskets especially are used in the area of the chemical, petrochemical and refinery industry as well as in the apparatus construction. Metal jacketed gaskets are particularly ideal for sealing flat heat exchanger surfaces, gas pipes, cast iron flanges, and autoclaves and similar.

Metal jacketed gaskets

Metal jacketed gaskets

Metal jacketed gaskets The most basic type of the metal jacketed semi-metallic gasket has a compressible insert enclosed within metallic jacket. The soft insert material forces the metal to deform to suit the flange surface and effect a seal. Metal jacketed gaskets can be manufactured with a number of metals and high temperature fillers. Metal Jacketed gaskets consist of a metallic outer shell with either a metallic or non-metallic compressed fibre filler. The filler ma..

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