Metallic Gaskets

Some of the metallic gaskets include Spiral-wound gaskets, Camprofile Gaskets, Metal jacketed gaskets and Ring Type Joints, Rubber-metal gaskets

Spiral wound gaskets and the rest of the metallic gaskets are actually considered a semi-metallic gasket style, consisting of metallic and non-metallic materials.

The metal is responsible for the gasket's strength and the non-metallic materials provide the sealing component.

Spiral wound gaskets and other types of non-soft gaskets provide preferred sealing options where higher temperatures and higher pressures are factors.

We supply covered serrated metal core gaskets, metal jacketed gaskets, ring type joints, and MRGs (metal reinforced gaskets. We can cut custom metal gaskets and plates, both for industrial and decorative ends. Metallic gaskets have long shelf life. We offer:

  • Semi-metallic and metallic gaskets for higher temperature and higher pressure applications
  • Emergency service always available on non-standard or standard gaskets
  • Wide range of metals and fillers available for every application of the metallic gaskets