Graphite Gaskets

The graphite gaskets are made of an all graphite gasket sheet containing no resins or inorganic fillers and can stand up to 550 C. Graphite gaskets are available with or without a metal insertion, and in adhesive-back tape form.

Flexible Graphite gaskets have outstanding resistance to corrosion against a wide variety of acids, alkalies and salt solutions, organic compounds, and heat transfer fluids, even at high temperatures.

We supply only proven metal reinforced flexible graphite laminate materials which are ideal for 95% of all sheet gasket applications. We offer flexible graphite laminates with branded surface for easy identification. The graphite gaskets meet refinery, petrochemical and industrial service requirements.

Flexible Graphite Gaskets

Flexible Graphite Gaskets

Flexible Graphite Gaskets: Our gaskets made from graphite flake material excel in extreme conditions, withstanding heat, pressure and aggressive/corrosive chemical environments to retain stability and sealing performance in high temperatures and pressure fluctuations. Expanded graphite sheets are produced from pure, expanded flexible graphite and do not contain any other fibers or filler materials.Graphite gaskets are universally applicable for gases and fluids. They are..

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