Copper Gaskets

Copper gaskets:

We supply custom made copper gaskets for engine heads. The copper provides the following benefits:

1.  Conductivity.  Copper is the standard by which all other conductors are measured, therefore a copper gasket provides superior thermal conductivity, acting to stabilize head and block temperatures which makes tuning easier.

2.  25% coefficient of elasticity.  One of the properties of copper is that it stretches before a catastrophic failure, thereby providing an extra measure of safety in case of severe detonation.

3.  Strength.  Copper (in the form we use) has a tensile strength of approximately 2206 bar, compare this to the 82 to 100 bar tensile of most facing materials used on conventional performance head gaskets.


How to Install Copper Head Gaskets:

Copper head gaskets are the superior choice for blown, nitrous, turbo-charged and high compression engines.

If a change in compression ratio is desired, a thicker or thinner gasket can be used. However, reason must be used when adjusting compression ratio with gasket thickness as every 0.25 mm change in thickness, nets approximately 2.5cm3


Copper head gaskets require the use of a sealant for oil and coolant passages (when applicable). Head gaskets on racing engines should be re-torqued after initial run- in, regardless of type (solid copper or composition). Factory torque specs and sequences are usually adequate. Allow the engine to cool for accurate readings. Always use a torque wrench and have it calibrated often. The copper head gaskets require clean, flat surfaces which are essential to seal a racing engine. 

Custom made copper gaskets

Custom made copper gaskets

Custom made copper gaskets Copper head gaskets are designed for use in all high-performance applications that require an extra measure of sealing or use very high compression. We are able to manufacture custom made copper gaskets and specialize in Copper gaskets for Head, Exhaust copper gaskets, Turbo Flanges copper gaskets. Whether the application is Top Fuel, Circle Track or even Street, there is no better sealing or more durable gasket material than solid copper. Our..

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