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The mica gasket sheets are asbestos-free sheet gasket made of chemically and temperature expanded mica reinforced by perforated foil from stainless steel 0,1 mm thick DIN 1.4401 or AISI 316.

Entirely mechanical connection, the mica gasket sheet does not contain any binder or bonding agent.

MICA gasket sheets are designed for high pressure application and can resist to the majority of chemicals (solvents, acids, lyes, mineral oils). MICA gasket sheets seals tightly by temperature over 1000°C.

novamica THERMEX Gasket sheets

novamica THERMEX Gasket sheets

novamica  THERMEX is the gasket material with extremely high temperature stability. It is based on processed phlogopite mica and thus resists to continuous temperatures of up to 1000 degr C.Thanks to expanded metal insertion from stainless steel (AISI 316L/ 1.4404) the novamica THERMEX offers excellent handling and processing characteristics. The combination of expanded metal insert, high-quality phlogopite mica and an optimised low proportion of binder ensures a so far ..

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