Gasket Sheets

Gasket Sheets

In previous times the gasket sheet material was compressed asbestos, but in modern times a fibrous material such as high temp graphite, mica, aramide fibers, elastomers and other materials are used.

The gaskets made of the above gasket sheet materials can fill many chemical requirements based on the inertness of the material used and fit many budgetary restraints.

The gasket sheet selection is crucial to the sealing properties of the gasket depending on the huge range of working conditions in the industry.

Therefore the maintenance engineers and designers should know very good for what purpose exactly will be used each gasket sheet - for their particular application.

Common practice is to select gasket sheets depending on the working conditions as temperature, medium and pressure. Below you can find our wide range of gasket sheets which we usually have on stock, divided in multiple types depending on the application, by manufacturers, by approvals etc.