Rubber expansion joints for food

We can supply food safe rubber expansion joints in Butyl, EPDM, Food Grade EPDM, Neoprene, Food Grade Neoprene, CSM, Nitrile, Natural Rubber.

Our rubber expansion joints specially designed for foodstuffs, are also suitable for oil and fat containing foodstuff. The food safe rubber expansion joints can be used with different types of foods and beverage as vegetable and animal fats, dairy products, oils etc.

Rubber expansion joint liners conform to German foodstuff regulations or FDA regulations. Most of the offered rubber expansion joints in this category are approved for use with drinking water. Temperature range (depending on medium) -20°C up to +90°C, temporarily up to +100°C. Electrically non-conductive. For high vacuum a vacuum support ring must be used

Rubber expansion joint WhiteBand ERV-W

Rubber expansion joint WhiteBand ERV-W

WhiteBand ERV-W -  this rubber expansion joint is made of NBR light grey, seamless, abrasion resistant liner with PA textile cord reinforcement and Chloroprene (CR) cover. Suitable for Foodstuffs, also oil and fat containing food. Temperature range -20°C up to +90°C, temporarily up to 100°C. Electrically non-conductive ..

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