Rubber expansion joints for abrasives

The family of abrasive resistant rubber expansion joints was developed for highly abrasive applications typically found in the power generation, fertilizer, mining and chemical industries.

These may include flue gas desulphurization systems, phosphate mining, dry bulk power transfer systems, tailings and slurry applications. Our proprietary urethane formula was designed to reduce wear and extend service life. 

This special type of rubber expansion joints is used for abrasive media pumping and piping systems containing abrasive particles, which need to be compensated because of their movements, noise and vibration.

For media containing abrasive components, we now offer special dedicated abrasive resistant rubber expansion joints made of a highly abrasion resistant special rubber compound. The abrasive media they are suitable for include sludges, slurries, solid/liquid mixtures or emulsions, and dustlike or powdery products. 

Rubber expansion joint - SBR - Blue

Rubber expansion joint - SBR - Blue

Rubber expansion joint - SBR - Blue Rubber expansion joints - SBR - Blue we offer are suitable for use where abrasive material is present in the media, with a temperature range of -25 to +85°C. The Abrasion resistant rubber expansion joint of this type are lined with a uniquely tough compound - Styrenebutadiene rubber.  The SBR - Blue bellows range is designed specifically for abrasive media.  SBR - Blue Rubber expansion joints can also be fitted with a full range of fl..

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