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Rubber expansion joints are designed to compensate against axial movement and parallel or angular misalignment in pipe systems. We offer rubber expansion joints manufactured from various rubber compounds to suit a wide range of mediums and applications including corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Our rubber expansion joints are designed to carry various medium such as gas, air, flue, flue gas, solvent vapours containing acids, medium containing abrasive particles, etc. 

Please specify your medium and for sure we will have the suitable rubber expansion joint for it. Guaranteed!

In our product range you can find rubber expansion joints for various industries such as petrochemical industry, chemical, paper industry, food industry etc. 

Rubber expansion joints present an important part of energy appliances thanks to their high thermal tensibility capacity in pipeline systems (cooling water, air, etc.) Rubber expansion joints require less room than stainless steel expansion joints and provide higher flexibility thanks to their elasticity and adaptability.