Power generation

The energy sector is one of the most demanding when it comes to quality of materials and control of the manufacturing process. We offer rubber expansion joints for use  in the energy sector with presence in nuclear power plants as well as in combined cycle power plants.

Rubber expansion joints for use in the Power generation sector. Because of the ability of the rubber expansion joints to adjust to all kinds of movement, they can be used in power plants for condenser connections, auxiliary exhaust lines, and connections to air ejectors.

The rubber expansion joints for power generation are advanced solutions for the varied needs of production and distribution of coal, natural gas, fossil fuel, gas use of turbines and more. We combine high-performance, technology-driven design of the rubber expansion joints with industry expertise and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Our vast catalog of rubber expansion joints for the energy sector offers solutions based on the specific demands of the market, including high-temperature rubber expansion joints, abrasive resistant and chemical resistant rubber expansion joints. However demanding the environment or aggressive the application, from conventional to renewable energy sectors, we provide rubber expansion joints which keep power flowing to the millions of people who depend on it.

PTFE Expansion joint - 2-3 convolutions

PTFE Expansion joint - 2-3 convolutions

PTFE Expansion joint - 2-3 convolutions PTFE expansion joints are expansion joints that absorb working movements in the pipelines. Because of the nature of the bellow - PTFE, they can handle very aggresive mediums. PTFE expansion joints are mainly used in Nuclear & Energy, Refining, Industrial (standard), Extreme Service, Food & Brewing, Marine & Offshore, Petrochemical Connection parts: PTFE expansion joints can be manufactured with flanges by  DIN and ANSI flang..

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