PTFE expansion joints

PTFE expansion joints offer excellent media compatibility and corrosion resistance. Offered in two ranges - standard 'R' and heavy duty 'RHD' - with diameters from 25mm to 600mm.

PTFE bellows are formed from multi-laminated tubes that ensure absolute minimum porosity and a homogeneous wall-thickness.

Each range of our PTFE expansion joints  is presented is three sections which relate to the number of convolutions and temperature/pressure performance of the bellows


PTFE Expansion joint - 2-3 convolutions

PTFE Expansion joint - 2-3 convolutions

PTFE expansion joints are expansion joints that absorb working movements in the pipelines. Because of the nature of the bellow - PTFE, they can handle very aggresive mediums. PTFE expansion joints are mainly used in Nuclear & Energy, Refining, Industrial (standard), Extreme Service, Food & Brewing, Marine & Offshore, PetrochemicalConnection parts:PTFE expansion joints can be manufactured with flanges by  DIN and ANSI flange standard, depending on custome..

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