by Application

The fabric expansion joints have proved successful in the equipment transporting gas agents at temperatures up to +1200 °C and pressures up to 0,1 MPa (gauge pressure 1 bar), in ducts having large axial movements with often occurring lateral and/or angular movements.

Such operating conditions can be found mainly in:

  • thermal power plants (with the coal-, oil- or gas-fired boilers), nuclear power plants,
  • natural gas combustion turbines,
  • chemical plants,
  • denitrification (DENOx) and desulphurisation equipment,
  • waste incinerators and flue gas treatment plants,
  • oil refineries, petrochemical equipment,
  • cement kilns and lime kilns,
  • pulp and paper industry,
  • metallurgical works and facilities with industrial furnaces,
  • air-conditioning, dust exhausting and filtering equipment,
  • lacquer paint shops and dryers,
  • industrial stacks constructions, and practically in any ducts through which hot gaseous agents are being transported.

It should be noted that the fabric expansion joints, as compared to metal sheet or rubber compensator, should find better use in those applications, where there are large and complex movements of pipes installed inside the buildings with relatively small internal space.

We offer fabric expansion joints for the following industries: