Manual for Fabric Expansion Joints

Manual for fabric expansion joints

To guarantee correct function of manufacturing equipment maintenance of individual functional components may not be neglected. Of course, these elements are also compensators, particularly tissue-based.
Our compensators are made of quality materials and used outdoors they are externally protected by layers/impregnations that are weatherproof and resistant against exhalants of contamined air. In addition we are able to deliver versions with layers/impregnations protecting against radioactive contamination.
It is absolutely necessary to prevent mechanical damage of compensators. For activities such as welding, grinding, insulation works etc. to be executed in close proximity or in the surroundings of built-in compensators it is necessary to cover compensators still before start of work.


To coat compensators by colour or similar material and provide them with insulation without our written consent is not allowed!

Special warning for maintenance

To maintain failure-free function of compensator elements you have to execute the following control and  maintenance works:

  • visual control of all construction parts for potential damage 
  • control of placement of fixing elements

Schedule of control and maintenance works

Visual control can be executed currently but at least once a quarter to exclude eventual later consequences.


Cleaning of surface from deposits

At a regular inspection you should check the surface for harmful deposits. If you find any remove them.


Fixing (anchoring) elements

Visual inspection includes maintenance of fixing elements:

  • Fixing by screws:

Depending on material composition of compensator and its structure individual layers in the area of attachment will settle with time. Tightening of clamps can compensate this settlement. Settlement also occurs when the equipment goes through to hot operation (test operation, putting into operation). Therefore, after test operation, tighten fixing joints. This tightening is particularly necessary in case of piping under dynamic stress.

  • Fixing by flanges:

Also for such structures where flanges are used to fixing purpose it is necessary to test all bolted joints. As said above in case of settlement bolted joints come loose and have to be tightened. Take care of even tightening and control by moment key (see table on page 1).


Safety of equipment operation depends on professional, correct and thorough assembly. Please follow our assembly and delivery conditions! If you have any questions regarding the way of execution of assembly we are always at your disposal on our phone or fax numbers.

All materials used for production of soft tissue compensators are technically approved particularly tissues made of glass fibres and plastic foil. If operators working with compensators encounter any of the following problems we recommend them:

- to leave the room when having problems with breathing

- in case of irritated skin to wash affected place with lukewarm water and soap

- in case of irritated eyes rinse them out 10 minutes with lukewarm water

In case of fire there is a danger of formation of toxic products from pyrolysis; as special protective equipment use independent apparatus for breathing protection (protective respirator).