Engineering Plastics

Engineering plastics can be used permanently at temperatures between 100°C and 350°C. In general, this product group is also referred to as technical thermoplastics.

Engineering plastics demonstrate good mechanical characteristics, high dimensional stability, good chemical resistance, and resistance to wear.

Over 100 machinable plastics! 

We offer a broad-based range of production techniques capable of processing thermoplastic stock shapes in a wide variety of plastic material choices under a single roof.

It is often a fact that the material or the end product, is the one that determines the processing method used: No matter if it's about a large scale volume or small production runs; large and bulky or small and delicate parts - our engineering plastic stock shapes can be purchased in various unmodified grades, in addition to a variety of modified grades to fit your application.

We offer a wide range of engineering plastics with individual modifications from the following product families: