M-Shape Rubber Fenders

M-shape Rubber Fenders

M-Shape Rubber Fenders are commonly used on the boat's bow or stern or on the dock or pontoon corners. This fender's M shape offers mobility, so it can easily follow a bow or stern's contour.

The contact layer of this M-Shape type of fenders is wide and flexible. The grooves on the surface provide added grip and three elastic legs to ensure good touch and stable binding.

On a small radius, M fenders can be mounted and are much lighter than W fenders. The three mounting holes in M-Shape fenders make deployment simple and precise.

M-Shape fenders are made from a form of rubber that is extremely durable. Lengths which are no more than 2000 mm are created by compression-molding. The most common dimensions are stored and can therefore be delivered as soon as possible. M fenders, W fenders and Keyhole fenders are not interchangeable.

These fenders can be mounted relatively easily. Mounting also takes place through three regular openings with the aid of fastening pins.  M fenders are available i different lengths and can be cut at an angle.  If the fenders are longer than one meter, it is possible to add an opening for a support strip.