Abrasion resistant rubber

We offer NR-BR super abrasion resistant technical rubber for all your wear and abrasive applications.

The mechanical properties and thermal aging properties of natural rubber (NR) and polybutadiene rubber (BR) blends at different blending ratios are different.

Both tensile and tear strengths of NR/BR blends increase with increasing NR content. BR has a higher compression stiffness than NR. The deformation of BR is less than that of NR under the same load conditions.

With regard to aging properties, both tensile stress and strain of NR/BR blends decrease after prolonged aging. In addition, the stress loss of BR is lower than that of NR, meaning that the aging resistance property of BR is superior to that of NR.

Black High Abrasion Rubber - 60° shore

Black High Abrasion Rubber - 60° shore

Black High Abrasion Rubber Grade 60° Shore is a high abrasion resistant rubber sheet material particularly suitable for applications such as snow plough rubbers, scraper blades, wipers and hard chute lining.  Black High Abrasion Rubber Grade 60° Shore is commonly used for sacrificial quarry linings and slurry handling plants, target backing curtains, fabricated parts and seals, and tank and silo linings. It is a Styrene Butadiene Rubber with a hardness of ..

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