Translucent silicone sheeting - FDA

FDA Approved silicone sheeting is made of materials approved by the Food and Drug Administration, our food grade silicone sheets are the ideal material to use for seals and gaskets that will come in contact with food items. The ingredients used to make this silicone sheeting material are listed in FDA regulations CFR 177.2600, meaning that they are fully compliant with regulations concerning the handling and packaging of consumables. Since it is a silicone rubber material, a food grade gasket made from this rubber sheet silicone will be able to work in a temperature range from -75° C to 260° C.

FDA Approved silicone sheeting means that FDA has exacting standards about the types of materials that can come in contact with consumables. This is ultimately for our safety. The materials used to make this food grade rubber have been approved by the FDA. Our rubber sheet silicone conforms to regulation 21 CFR 177.2600, which is an FDA regulation that establishes the standards for rubber articles intended for repeated contact with food. Using food grade silicone is a great way to ensure that foreign substances will not contaminate the food.

Translucent Food Safe Silicone Sheeting - FDA

Translucent Food Safe Silicone Sheeting - FDA

Color: milky translucentSurface:  SmoothTemperature Range: -60° to 260° CTDSDescription: This translucent food safe silicone is approved for use in the food industry by FDA. Our silicone rubber exhibits a natural resistance to bacteria build-up, a large range of working temperatures flexibility and are odorless and tasteless. Th..

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