Sponge Viton®/FKM sheeting

Viton® foam (often called FKM foam) is an exotic foam, since it has very good extreme properties. For example, our Viton® foam is closed-cell and generally resistant to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, oils, fuels, ozone and weather, lubricants and animal or vegetable oils, acids and hot water. 

The working temperature of Viton® foam is -25 ° C to + 200 ° C.  For this reason, our Viton® foam is often used by industry where it can become particularly hot, eg as a seal in tempering furnaces. All products from Viton® foam can be produced individually according to your specifications also as small series or in individual production.



FKM / Viton sponge Sheeting

FKM / Viton sponge Sheeting

Fluoroelastomeric Sponge RubberThe fluoroelastomeric sponge rubber -  Viton Sponge rubber, made from fluoroelastomers combines properties from both material categories and applications which were not realizable in the past are now possible. Sponge Viton / FKM sheeting is:• a cellular expanded fluoroelastomer with outer skin• soft up ..

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