Standard EPDM Sheet 70 Shore A

EPDM rubber sheeting with hardness 70 Shore A has lot of advantages:

  • Very good resistance to ozone and ageing
  • The EPDM sheet has an excellent temperature resistance (- 40/+ 120 ºC)
  • Excellent resistance to most inorganic or corrosive chemical products
  • EPDM rubber is highly resistant to mineral acids, detergents, phosphoric ethers, ketones, alcohols, or low molecular weight glycols
  • Very good performance with hot water or high pressure steam
  • EPDM rubber sheets are known to have good mechanical properties
  • Matte finish of the EPDM rubber sheets to guarantee a good surface finished quality, to secure an easy unrolling, and to facilitate adhesive bonding processes


  • EPDM rubber sheeting has good service life
  • Performance of the EPDM sheet 70 Shore A with weak chemicals and acids is good against other types of rubber
  • It can stand better high temperatures compared to the rest of the low cost rubbers.




ECONOMIC EPDM SHEET 70 Shore is suitable for use in medium range applications such as low pressure pipe seals, man-way gaskets, weather strip.Due to the nature and economy of manufacture [an amount of RECLAIMED materials are blended with base polymer and fillers] minor surface deformations and blemishes may occur and materials may be more odorous than normal.• Thickness: 1mm to 10mm• Sheet Size: 1.4m wide in 5, 10 and 20m rolls• Finish: Smooth finish,• Cutting: Stan..

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