CSM Hypalon®

Hypalon® is an ozone resistant synthetic rubber used for many outdoor applications.  A thermoset rubber material providing excellent abrasion and flex fatigue resistance; flame and oil resistance; and resistance to weather, liners, ozone, and oxidizing chemicals. Ideal for industrial and petrochemical applications.

Hypalon sheets have outstanding resistance to most chemicals, heat and oil, is flame resistant and has great color stability, weather and abrasion resistance. Properties of Hypalon sheet are very similiar to Neoprene Rubber Sheet, but has a better resistance to ultra-viloet light.  

Hypalon® rubber sheeting - CSM

Hypalon® rubber sheeting - CSM

CSM / Hypalon rubber sheeting (also known as chlorosulphonated polyethylene or by the former brand name Hypalon®) is renowned for its excellent resistance to adverse atmospheric conditions and its waterproofing and acid-proofing and alkaline-proofing capacities.CSM  / Hypalon rubber sheeting is mainly used in the construction and electrical in..

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