Metal conveyor belts

Metal Conveyor Belts

Metal conveyor belts are remarkably stable and operate well under temperature extremes. They can be produced in a wide variety of materials and can follow any requirement of cleanliness or hygiene.

Our metal conveyor belts and honeycomb belts can handle a wide variety of applications – from grain freezing to assembly brazing at 1,080 or so C;

From vegetables going through washing to bread baking in a continuous oven; from confectionery to heavy welding. The chain mesh for metal conveyor belts / food grade honeycomb belts may also be manufactured according to your particular requirements.

The metal conveyor belts we offer can be used anywhere in the Food Industry for sizing, washing, blanching, drying, frying, freezing, canning, baking, cooling, wrapping, packing, in addition, bottling.

The metal conveyor belts we can deliver are used as well for Heat Treatment - Brazing, blueing, carbursing, hardening, washing, degreasing, nitriding, pickling, sintering, quenching, rinsing, tempering, drawing, and also enameling of different details.

Another sphere of application of the metal conveyor belts is the Ceramics and Glass Industry – Annealing, decorating, sanding, etc.

We also produce a wide variety of metal conveyor belts, including honeycomb chains, chain loops, circle, duplex and wire loops, among many others.