Conveyor Belt Testing

All of our rubber conveyor belts were tightly tested with fire, extreme loads, tearing, abrasion and other impacts to achieve the required accreditation and customer approval.

Each nation has its own test method, we know good all the top standards in the world and can certify our rubber conveyor belts to let you have peace of mind when buying our high quality conveyor belts for your plant.

Self-extinguishing Belt Test

The purpose of this experiment is to simulate fire situations in an enclosed ventilation gallery.

A sampling rubber conveyor belt is placed directly over the propane burner in a supporting frame, and the burner is ignited over a specified time span, which consumes a certain amount of propane.

After this the heat source is removed and extincts the belt, leaving a belt region completely undamaged. This experiment has to prove that when the light source is withdrawn, the belt will not sustain burning.

Drum Friction Belt Test

This experiment was designed to simulate a stopped belt where the drum continues to spin against the sample frame and to show that the flame is not spread by the frictional warmth produced by the drum.

For instance there must not be a flame before temperature of 325°C or a glow at any time during the test or when the test has been done before a belt sample breaks on a drum.

Flame Belt Test MSHA

Small specimens are made of the ready made conveyor belts are made, some are kept untouched and the coverings of others are separated to simulate fire behaviour because of wear on the conveyor belts.

These samples are kept for a defined time range in a fire source and the samples must extinguish themselves once withdrawn. The time to extinguish the individual sample and the ongoing moment to comply with the requirement are observed.