Wood processing

In the wood processing industry conveyor belts must meet strict requirements due to the characteristics of the various products and the safety during their processing. Wood processing machinery needs to handle unique and difficult applications. We offer a range of conveyor belts which can be wear resistant, flame-retardant or anti-static and have good release properties. In addition, we supply extra strong belts, which are hard-wearing or can carry heavy loads and belts with a good chemical resistance for use with glues and lacquers. 

Wood processing machines require robust and precise industrial belting. Well-established in the board and panel industry, our forming, prepressing and deaeration belts offer outstanding solutions. From solid-wood processing, to industrial furniture manufacturing, to production lines for all kinds of engineered wood products, our conveyor belts satisfy the most ambitious application needs.

Forming conveyor belts for wood processing
Our forming, transfer and accelerator belts have been specifically developed to cope with the requirements of all forming process belt applications. These processing belts are designed to run over live nosebars with high loads and long conveying distances. Their excellent stability and length and width thickness precision enable the manufacture of all types of boards, including very thin boards. The belts can be used with highly sensitive metal detectors, to protect expensive equipment. 

Prepress conveyor belts for wood processing
The prepress belts ensure perfect prepressing of the mat thanks to their high modulus of elasticity, which is obtained by using both aramid and polyester fabrics, combined with excellent pressure resistance and compression distribution.

Deaeration conveyor belts for wood processing
Our deaeration belts for both MDF and particleboard manufacturing are the key to increased productivity thanks to their high and controlled air flow rates. Their robust construction based on polyester monofilament provides high chemical and abrasion resistance for long and maintenance-free belt life.