Quarry & Mining

Your mining and quarry operations rely heavily on conveyor belts to transport the material taken out of the ground and get it into production, so the durability and efficiency of your equipment is critical. Unscheduled downtime is unacceptable, and fugitive material is not only a maintenance and cleanliness issue – it represents lost profit.

The constant impact of heavy, broken and sharp materials, often from great heights, can lead to an uneconomic belt-life. Our conveyor belt solutions for quarries and mining have been developed to fit a range of quarry conveyors – the belts can be with carcasses and cover layers that provide optimum durability and wear resistance. Our conveyor belts used in the quarry and mining industry have very high tear resistance and covers that are exceptionally resistant to wear caused by abrasion

Whether you’re mining or extracting – stones, coal, precious metals, base metals or aggregates, you can rely on the fact that we can make mining and quarry operations cleaner, safer and more productive.

When you’re surface mining or mining underground for hard or soft rock, your challenges are formidable and you could definitely benefit from our experience with mining operations. We deliver conveyor belts for quarries and mining industry only from reputable suppliers who have worked extensively in the mining industry, so we’re able to apply lessons learned from all over the world to solving your everyday problems.