The uses of a conveyor belts in the agricultural community are numerous. They are used in the feeding process that processes or freezes vegetables, fruits, and other agricultural products for packing to be sent to the retailers or other process plants. Besides this, these conveyor belts are effectively being used for loading bulk quantities into trucks in order to get them transported to their final destination. 

These belts are designed to suit the requirements of the agricultural industry application. Feeding conveyor belts for animals, conveyor belts for Tobacco, Grapes, Sugar, Fertilizers, and grains are only  some of the agricultural applications that use conveyor belt scales. 

Our extensive product portfolio with two- and three-layer PVC conveyor belts for the agricultural industry offers safe transport solutions for every application. In the industrial processing of fruit, vegetables, cereals or feed, VIS belts run reliably for a high conveying capacity for the users. 

Horizontal or steep conveyor belts equipped with v-profiles, cross profiles or sidewalls made of different materials offer reliable solutions for smooth processes. For inclined conveyors, we offer you individual belt solutions with a gradient angle of up to 90°. 

In close cooperation with our customers from the agricultural sector, our conveyor belts for the agriculture are developed flexibly and in line with the market and have already proven their versatility worldwide.

With the help of these conveyor belts, the workforce reduces and this leads to more profits and less expense. Also, the storage, drying, and processing of the products have become very efficient and easy. These processes are also easy to synchronize due to these belts. They have excellent turn-around time and handle the systematic materials very well.

These conveyor belts for the agriculture are specially designed in order to cater the needs of the agricultural world. They are not only cost effective, but also efficient. They have the ability to adjust to any type of temperature. Different conveyor belts are used to perform agriculture applications.

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